How Boxing Can Positively Improve Mental Health

Regular exercise has been proven to improve our physical and mental health. It helps us to relax, reduce stress levels, and improve sleep.

You don’t need to be a fitness fanatic in order to benefit from exercise. Even if you’re out of shape, studies indicate that even moderate amounts of activity improve your overall well-being.

After taking three years of classical ballet, I became bored with it. So I tried other forms of exercises like high intensity interval training (HIIT), barre, Pilates, TRX, yoga, cycling, and rowing.

Last January, I started boxing for the first time ever. It was something I had always viewed as enjoyable but never really thought I would get into. After just one session, however, I found myself addicted to it.

Aside from writing and Stoicism, boxercise is one of the main contributors to improving my mental fitness. Here’s how.

Boxing Improves Mental Focus

A typical boxer’s workout consists of more than just randomly punching the bag. It involves lots of coordination since there are so many different kinds of punches.

You need to concentrate completely on the boxing stance, eye-hand coordination, punching power, and speed.

During the weekly session I shut my mind off completely and focus solely on myself, the trainer, the music, and the heavy bags.

Doing this workout allows me to clear my chaotic thoughts and give myself a better perspective when dealing with issues or problems in my life.

Boxing Is a Mood Booster It Helps Managing Anger and Stress

Punching a heavy bag is one of the best ways to release stress and tension.

Exercise is a mood booster because it releases endorphins which help to relieve mental and emotional stresses. It also reduces muscle tension and improves sleep quality. Pounding away at something physically helps to relieve some of the psychological effects of anxiety and depression.

It feels good when I hit something really hard. And it’s definitely a better way for me to release some pent up anger than going out and doing something destructive.

Boxing Boosts Self-Confidence

Physically, I am feeling a difference after consistently exercising. My punches are getting harder and faster with every workout. I do not get tired easily as compared to previous workouts.

This gives me confidence that I can perform better during subsequent workouts.

Punching a heavy bag helps me get into a good workout mood. When I go for a run, I always want to punch the bag harder than normal. And when I play sports, I always want to hit the ball harder than usual.

It gives me a feeling of control and empowerment, which allows me to manage my own life.

Boxing Boosts Fighting Spirit

how boxing can positively improve mental health 2

Each time I hit the bag, I picture myself hitting each of my inner devils. This physical move helps me combat my negative thoughts and emotions better.

It makes me feel good when I overcome challenges or obstacles in life because it shows that I am strong enough to handle them.

To conclude:

Whatever form of fitness you choose, whether it’s boxing or running, it’s always important to get out there and move.

Boxing has helped improve my mood lately. It’s given me an energy boost and a sense of purpose when things were at their worst.

Boxercise! Get yourself some boxing gear and go for a run, jog, walk, or whatever else you enjoy doing.

As always feel free to reach out to your local nami and stay positive, things will get better eventually.

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