5 Amazing Mental Health Social Media Accounts

Social networking has allowed mental health organizations and their supporters to gain a wider audience than they’ve had before. Artistic approaches to mental health education allow the information to be conveyed in a way that seems more personal and relatable.

These five creative social media profiles are helping raise awareness for mental health issues.

#1 The Gottman Institute

They market themselves as a research-based approach to relationship issues. By relationship issues, they mean all kinds of interpersonal relationship issues.

They tweet inspirational messages, share helpful advice, post fun facts, and link to interesting articles.

The Gottman Institute uses science and creativity to provide information in an easy-to-understand format.

Social: https://twitter.com/GottmanInst

#2 Liz and Mollie

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Liz and Mollie

Liz and Molli are two friends who met through their shared interest in creative side project ideas.

Each individually has their own career but they share an interest in running the Liz and Molli Facebook page together.

They post articles consisting of self-improvement tips, affirmations, motivational quotes, and reminders.

Social: https://www.facebook.com/lizandmollie/

#3 Hope with Mental Health

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Hope With Mental Health

Hope With Mental Health is a Facebook group for people who struggle with mental health issues. It offers inspirational messages and motivational quotes.

Hope With Mental Health was founded by Lynn Crilly, a well-known writer and expert on various mental health issues.

social: https://www.facebook.com/HOPEwithMentalHealth/

#4 Colormehappii/Kaitlyn

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Colormehapii’s Instagram account focuses on artistry and mental health advocacy.

Each post aims to discuss various mental health issues through digital artwork.

Infographic posts often contain images and text; they’re usually accompanied by an infographic image. Colormehappii also sells workbooks and coloring books online.

Social: https://www.instagram.com/colormehappii/

#5 Advocating.MentalHealth

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Advocacy.Mentalhealth’s Instagram page is full of creative images and captions.

Each blog posts focuses on different topics, including general advice, motivational quotes, health tips, journaling prompts, etc.

Social: https://www.instagram.com/advocating.mentalhealth/

Social media has given mental illness advocates and institutions the ability to reach out and impact people at a much greater rate than ever before.

Advocacy account creators use creative ways to convey important messages to their audiences.

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