5 Amazing Mental Health Social Media Accounts

mental health social media accounts

Social networking has allowed mental health organizations and their supporters to gain a wider audience than they’ve had before. Artistic approaches to mental health education allow the information to be conveyed in a way that seems more personal and relatable. These five creative social media profiles are helping raise awareness for mental health issues. #1 … Read more

How to Celebrate Mental Health on Valentine’s Day

how to celebrate mental health on valentines day

Valentine’s is not what it seems; it’s actually just another holiday. You’ve got weeks until Valentine’s, so you’re starting to see your online personalities talk about their wonderful events they’ll be attending. If you’re single and feeling lonely and worthless at this time of the year—you’re not alone. According to a recent study by the … Read more

Spoon Theory For Mental Health

spoon theory for mental health

Chronic mental illness, is disease that has been studied for years and it won’t be over any time soon. See what the spoon theory for mental health is all about. Have you ever heard the Spoon Theory before? I just found out about it and I’m really impressed by how it applies to mental health issues. What Is The Spoon Theory? The … Read more

How Better Breathing Can Promote Better Mental Health

how better breathing can promote better mental health

Today, we live in an uncertain world. Uncertainty not only effects our personal and professional lives but also our mental well-being. This leads to anxiety, feelings of nervousness, and many other mental challenges. Several scientific research have proven that breathing techniques are among the most effective ways to deal with these issues. Breathing exercises can … Read more

How Exercise Benefits Our Mental Health?

how exercise benefits our mental health

Regular exercising helps us to stay fit physically. But it also helps us mentally. It helps us cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. We should not forget about the psychological aspects of fitness. Today’s psychiatrists are increasingly prescribing exercise as an essential part of their treatment for psychological disorders such as stress … Read more

How Meditation Improves Our Mental Health?

how meditation improves our mental health

Meditation is a practice that helps us focus and achieve inner-balance. Meditation has been shown to lower stress levels and increase self-awareness. However, it’s not clear whether these effects are due to the act of meditating itself or simply because we spend time thinking about ourselves. With that said let’s unpack the link between meditation … Read more

Natural Appraise on Mental Illness