Why You Should Delete Your Instagram for Your Mental Health

If you want to keep your mental health, delete your Instagram account. If you have Instagram, it will always be in the back of your mind.

A lot of folks have an unfavorable opinion about social media, particularly after watching “The Social Dilemma” this past summer.

However, it can also provide comfort during times of isolation. For instance, TikTok, the popular short-format videos app, has provided me with consistent streams of laughter throughout 2020.

Nevertheless, at the end of the month, I deactivated my Instagram account. I do not regret it at all.

From the beginning…

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In those days, Instagram was fun. It was a scrappy little photo sharing site where anyone could share photos without having to follow someone else.

I barely used the app. I rarely followed anyone and only posted once every couple weeks. When my friends didn’t post, I would hit the end of my feeds.

But in recent years, Instagram has become less fun and more of a major time-sucker and source of unhappiness. Here are the main reasons why I deleted my Instagram account…

Main Reasons to Delete Instagram

#1 – Growth

I don’t want people to know about my mistakes. I’ve grown quite a bit since I first posted back in 2013.

I’m not exactly the same person anymore. Instagram allows you to remove posts if they’re no longer relevant, so deleting them feels good because I can finally move forward with my life.

If you think I’m arrogant for assuming that everyone wants to know more about me, then it’s similar to a dating app where many potential dates head there first to see who you are.

#2 – Awareness

Instagram has become a constant source of self-reflection, which I hate. It feels too much pressure to always look good, feel happy, and express myself well.

Writing your Instagram bio can be tough, especially if you’re not very good at describing yourself. But instead of worrying about what to say, how about just focusing on who you are?

That might help you come up with something better.

#3 – Freedom

It prevented us from enjoying life. One of the reasons I’ve decided to delete Instagram is because I enjoy going on vacation without having the app installed on my phone.

When I had Instagram installed on my phone, I was always looking for photo opps that were not for my own benefit.

When Facebook introduced its new Stories feature, which lets people share short videos, it became worse.

It didn’t take long before people started paying for things just so they could get pictures taken. And now, when you look at someone’s profile, it’s always in your head.

You’re constantly thinking about what they’ve been up to lately.

#4 – Healthy Disconnection

I felt like I needed to share my social life with others through pictures. In today’s world, everyone wants to have a good social media presence.

They want to show off their lives through images and videos. However, they also want to make sure they aren’t seen as a “loser” because they don’t have any posts showing them having fun with their friends.

When they post too much, they can come across as being a loner. So, how does one balance posting enough to keep followers interested and not posting too often? That’s where Instagram comes into play.

why you should delete your instagram for your mental health right now

#5 – Mental Health Improvement

Even if we know that nothing is real on Instagram (and that it’s just a place where people post pictures they’ve taken), we’re still being influenced by it.

Even if we edit our feeds and delete accounts, celebrities, and the popular kids from high school, we’re still only viewing the edited version of others’ lives.

Facetune is a tool that lets users dramatically alter and contour their facial features, is accessible to everyone. It’s impossible for us to tell when these edits have been made.

If you look at the average person in your everyday life, you won’t notice nearly as many attractive people than you do on Instagram.

And because of this Instagram attraction-biasm, we often compare ourselves to others who seem better looking than us.

#6 – Dopamine Detox

It made people feel good about themselves. Deleting Instagram has brought me down. When I was on Instagram, I felt like I had a community.

But after being off it for a few months, it feels like I’m not part of any community. I miss seeing people’s lives through Instagram because I know they’re out there. And I miss feeling like I belong somewhere.

Was it worth it? Yes. I’ve gained confidence and productivity. My relationships are deeper and stronger. I can live with myself.

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