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NAMI DAC was created because we wanted to help our clients improve their brains by giving them supplements that had minimal side effects.

Meet some of our team members.

Francesco Colelli

Francesco Colelli – PT, Chief Editor, Nutritionalist & Published Author

Dr. Francesco Colelli, daily works helping individuals with several health conditions to strengthen their mental health through proper supplementing, dieting and exercise. He is a sports enthusiast who loves healthy living and eating. He is a native Italian man who lives in the United Kingdom for a few years now. You can check his profile.

Association for Nutrition – Surname: Colelli | RN: 20511

Joan Harris – Mental Health Therapist & Wellness Editor

Joan Harris, is an former US therapist turned writer, who specializes in mental health and well being. Her writing help spread awareness around these topics. She has a masters degree in counseling psychology, four plus years of practice as a licensed counselor, and two plus years of coaching clients through life changes. She puts a lot of empathy and quality work that only a reader in need truly understands. You can check her profile.

joan harris
dax johnson

Dax Johnson – Full Time Writer, Mental Health Specialist

Dax Johnson, is an US freelance journalist who has written over 100 articles on mental health. Over the past five plus years, he’s been writing professionally for different websites and blogs and continues to learn new things every day. His articles cover an experience writing about a variety of topics on mental health. You can check his profile here.

Noah Sutherland – SEO/Programmer/Server Administrator

Noah Sutherland, is the SEO and website manager for NAMI-DAC.ORG

Here it is his profile.

noah sutherland

Wilcox Ekenta

Wilcox Ekenta – Sales Representative/Customer Support

Wilcox Ekenta is an independent sales representative with a lot of experience in customer service and sales, he’s on this project to guarantee exceptional communication with our audience and deliver the best results. He is deeply knowledgeable in the industry and eager to thrive. You can check his profile here.

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