Now&Me, A Mental Wellness App, Goes Beyond the Conventional Concept of Therapy

Now&Me, a mental wellness application, is far from the cliched therapy concept. It is all about holistic development and provides people with what they genuinely long for – authentic connections, self-help tools, and instant guidance and support. 

When we talk about the best online therapy India, we instantly think of free mental health services that might help you navigate through the difficulties of life. But when it comes to therapy, consulting authentic professionals is extremely important, along with other lifestyle changes. 

With this thought, the Now&Me team went above the norms of therapy by putting together the concept of community building, self-help tools, and short versions of therapy, where you can share your feelings anonymously, talk to peer listeners, get access to highly reviewed content, and get expert guidance, all in one place. 

To make this change available instantly, Now&Me launched the professional guidance Expert Panel in January 2023 to help people in different arenas of life, be it their relationships, careers, or personal development. Furthermore, they also believe that online therapy works best when you surround yourself with supportive people, so they created an Online Community Forum where you can share anything without any judgment or fear. 

Moreover, looking at the current scenario of mental health in India, Now&Me wanted the audience to share their feelings without any shame or guilt, at affordable prices, and without the stress of sitting through an entire session of 60 minutes. For this, they introduced the concept of Bite-Sized Therapy, a test drive for therapy that includes shorter sessions with timings customizable according to the user’s preferences. 

Not only this, but Now&Me also understands that not everyone has the means to afford therapy, which is why they recently launched the Self-Help Tools feature, which contains daily affirmations, journaling prompts, and meditation techniques for better growth and healing. This can be bought from the application at an extremely affordable price to give you a headstart on your self-improvement journey. 

To sum up, the mantra of Now&Me is simple — to help people help themselves. So, book your session with Now&Me and get to know yourself with the best online therapists out there.

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