Trauma Impact on Mental Health: A Comprehensive Guide

trauma impact on mental health a comprehensive guide

Trauma is an experience that can leave a lasting impact on an individual. It can be physical, emotional, or psychological, and can result from a variety of experiences, such as accidents, abuse, or natural disasters. While it is a common human experience, the effects of trauma can be devastating, particularly on mental health. Depression, anxiety, … Read more

10 Characteristics Present on Mentally Health People

10 Characteristics Present on Mentally Health People

Mental health isn’t just about whether you’re mentally ill or not; it’s also about how you feel about yourself, how you deal with life situations, and how you adapt to them. Mental health affects everything we do. Stress, challenges, building strong personal connections, and recovering from setbacks and hardships affect your emotional well-being. Mental or … Read more

Spoon Theory For Mental Health

spoon theory for mental health

Chronic mental illness, is disease that has been studied for years and it won’t be over any time soon. See what the spoon theory for mental health is all about. Have you ever heard the Spoon Theory before? I just found out about it and I’m really impressed by how it applies to mental health issues. What Is The Spoon Theory? The … Read more

Natural Appraise on Mental Illness